Making Crayfish - Is It Worth The Trouble?

Jun 09, 2023Karen Lee

Food is a great equalizer. You are sure to get bored of the same old dishes that have been served as the staple diet in your part of the world. No wonder, people have begun experimenting more freely than ever before. Think about the amazing varieties that you can obtain once you step into an exotic food shop or check the aisle for the ethnic delectables at the nearest supermarket.

Crayfish - What is it?

You would be surprised to find a strange crustacean depicted on the tins and labeled as crayfish food. Is it a shrimp or imply a kind of prawn? None! It happens to be a crayfish with the tin that you have been holding containing dried crayfish that is an essential ingredient of Nigerian cooking.

How to eat it?

The dried form of this tasty crustacean is usually used to season food and no Nigerian worth his salt can do without it. The very best soups and omnipresent Fufu from the country will not taste as delicious without a pinch of the dried and powdered shrimp-like fish either. Ditto for Concoction Rice, another great dish from this African nation that will make you lick your fingers at the end of a sumptuous meal. The Nigerian populace makes use of their dry mills to pound the crayfish into a powder although it has been known to be added to Ugba & Abacha.

The nomenclature happens to be a trifle confusing though. However, you might find the dried form to be akin a small sized shrimp. If you happen to sift through a big mound of the fish, you will also find the crayfish to be tiny mostly with a few big ones tucked in between. Be careful about using only the smaller ones though for they will provide you the right sort of seasoning powder. Oporo, that is the bigger ones, are not a part of the dried crustaceans though and are often sold separately to be utilized in other dishes belonging to Nigerian cuisine.

Making crayfish edible: Nigerian Style!

Making it fit for eating will need attention to detail, however. So, go ahead and proceed only if you are totally convinced about your prowess in the kitchen. Feel free to buy frozen ones and make sure to defrost them thoroughly before popping them into the oven. Bake until golden brown and crisp but do not allow them to burn. Take them out of the rack and cool them before storing in air tight jars. Of course, you have to use a dry mill for powdering the ingredient before adding to enhance the taste of a Nigerian dish.

Do not trouble yourself exceedingly for drying though. You can get the best quality possible by deciding to buy crayfish online.

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