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The Complete List and Benefits of Carrier Oils

Carrier oils contain a range of beneficial components including vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and other fat-soluble vitamins. They can be used for a variety of different reasons and can help with hydration, collagen production, skin tone, soothing irritated skin and repairing sun damage. The type of carrier oil you choose will depend on what your desired outcome is. 

Knowing which carrier oil to use for your skin type can be a daunting prospect. That’s why the health & wellness team at Loxa Beauty have done the hard work for you. They’ve completed an extensive review of the 15 most common carrier oils and how they can benefit your skin. 

Anastasia Filipenko, a health & wellness psychologist & dermatologist states that “Carrier oils are one of the main ingredients used in facial cleansers, exfoliators, balms, lotions, serums and face oils. When you use the right carrier oil for your particular skin tone you can expect to see amazing results.” 

Commonly used carrier oils include coconut oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil and sweet almond oil. Each oil has different benefits for your skin so it’s important to do your research before you start using a new oil. For example Coconut oil is great for stimulating collagen production and healing wounds whilst Jojoba oil can help to balance out excessive oil production, giving you a more even skin tone. 

Anastasia recommends finding carrier oils that are high in oleic. “Oils that have a high oleic content absorb faster into your skin which means your skin won’t feel oily after you apply it.”

As well as choosing the right oil for your skin it’s also important to buy quality oils. “Aim to buy carrier oils that are unbleached, unrefined and unfiltered as these types of oils retain more of their nutrients from the original source such as the seed or nut.” says relationship and health & wellness psychologist, Kristina Shafarenko. 

When used correctly, carrier oils can be a great addition to your daily skincare routine. The full carrier oils infographic and blog can be found here and was created by Loxa Beauty. 

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The Panache Of Nigerian Palm Wine

You have tasted almost every drink available across UK and pride yourself as being something of a wine connoisseur. Sure, the beautiful wines and varies of champagne has you all excited and agog about tasting the best that the land has to offer. Yet, you are likely to get a kick out of the relatively unknown but exceedingly refreshing Nigerian palm wine.

What is Palm Wine?

Your mind begins to brim with curiosity while your brain yearns to discover the truth. No issues though! You can get the answers readily by visiting the exotic African stores specializing in bringing genuine products to your doorstep. The wine happens to be a sparkling beverage sourced from the sap of the tropical palm trees indigenous to Africa and Asia. It looks akin to champagne without sans the froth. Yet, it can rejuvenate the body and cheer up the mind.

Surprisingly, it is low in alcoholic content and will not have you dead drunk unlike whiskey and other spirits that result in a devastating hangover the day after. You would also be intrigued to know that you can buy palm wine online in a beautiful bottle that comes with an attractive stopper. You do not have to think twice about purchasing this wonderful beverage in bulk either for the contained yeast and probiotic properties make it beneficial for health as well.

Benefits of Palm Wine

Seems unbelievable? You are welcome to research and discover the truth about how drinking this wine in moderation can help you to feel on top of the world. Here are a few pointers. Do take a look…

  • A glass or two of Nigerian palm wine can keep cancer away.
  • It will increase your visual acuity.
  • You will find your skin becoming smooth while your hair grows perfectly as your nails fail to bother you with their brittleness.
  • You are sure to decrease the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases as well. This astounding fact has been proved conclusively by a study conducted by Lindberg and Ezra back in 2008.

The Best Source of Nigerian Products in the UK

So, go ahead and look for the best exotic stores that cater to the African community living in the UK and you are sure to find hundreds of products that warrant your attention. Check out the availability of red palm oil online as it happens to be cooking medium par excellence too.

Do not hesitate to source bulk palm oil along with other Nigerian products of repute at affordable rates by login to

Reasons To Buy Plantain & Coconut Chips From Olu Olu Foods

Watching your favorite game avidly on the telly and reaching out for the crunchy potato chips is commonplace. Yet, you do cringe on realizing the empty calories that you have been putting on inadvertently. Why should you do injustice to your body when you can have your cake, oops, chips and eat it too?

You do not have to look far and wide for finding a scrumptious alternative though. Simply grab a pack of Olu Olu’s satisfying green plantain chips and you would be astounded to get good health, nutrition and taste rolled into one. Why should you actually go for the addictive chips made out of the starchy plantain instead of sticking to the potato chips that are available widely? Isn’t plantain as good or bad as the humble potato? Do not spend anxious moments trying to find the answers. Read on to understand why you need to switch to the yellow plantain chips and shun the greasy tubers for good.

How nutritious are plantain chips?

Sure, they come full of carbs yet the plantain chips are considered to be a trifle healthier than the ones made out of the potato. The plantain is less fatty than the tubers while containing a small number of proteins as well.

You also get a chance to better your eyesight courtesy the abundance of Vitamin A within the satisfying chips and your immunity gets a big boost thanks to the Vitamin C lurking within the tasty plantain chips, both yellow and green.

Pluses of toasted coconut chips

You might consider buying coconut chips in bulk while shopping at Olu Olu foods too. They are extremely beneficial if you happen to be lactose intolerant or plagued by the gluten allergy. So, go ahead and snack on these delicious, toasty chips while studying hard or watching your favorite show on TV. You might also up your breakfast cereal by adding a handful of the crispy chips to your morning porridge. You might go an extra mile by creating a delightful curry with the coconut chips added on top for providing the much-needed crunch as well. A superb way to remain vegan and feast on delicacies at the same time!

Stay Healthy By Using Red Palm Oil From Olu Olu

You eat to live but you also have to cook to eat well. True, you can opt to eat out every now and then but doing it every single day of your life will not only affect your finances adversely but will also take a toll on your health. You would definitely have to rely on a light and nutritious natural cooking oil to elevate the humble veggies and meat into a thing that encourages people to polish off their plates. Olu Olu Foods encourages you to try their brand of organic palm oil just once. You are sure to be hooked instantaneously with all thoughts of using an alternative cooking medium vanishing from your mind for good.


Advantages of Olu Olu Brand Palm Oil

No worries! The oil that you source from Olu Olu happens to be completely natural with no additives at all. The rich aroma emanating from the oil as it heats gently is definite to remind you of a home in farthest Africa. Do not take the risk of running out of it, however. Stock up with the aid of bulk palm oil and keep your kitchen ready for whisking a meal whenever you fancy. You would also be amazed to learn that you can utilize it for baking and dressing up the crunchy salads as well. So, go ahead and ditch the fat-filled butter only to buy red palm oil from Olu Olu Foods and enjoy showing off your cooking skills to perfection.



What is it?

It is basically a thin vegetable oil extracted from the pulp of the palm trees growing in abundance across different countries and continents. The Olu Olu brand is sourced from Nigeria with the assistance of farmers who etch out a livelihood by providing you with this vitamin filled, a nutritious cooking oil that makes your dinner taste like food from back home.


Why buy palm oil?

Do not have any misgivings while making up your mind to order palm oil online though. Dieticians recommend it wholeheartedly for the nutrition pluses that the consumers obtain thanks to a surfeit of both saturated and unsaturated fats. Moreover, it is also a rich source of vitamins and acts as an antioxidant. Taking care of your health will thus be easy once you visit the Olu Olu Foods online resource at for placing an order for the quintessential palm oil as well as the bag of coconut chips online.

Keep The Memories Burning Bright With Olu Olu Foods Products

The UK is a country that has become multicultural with a vengeance thanks to its ever-expanding population of migrants. It is no wonder to find Chinese, African, Indian, Arabs and Nordics crowd together, searching the exotic food section in the ethnic food stores.

Sure, having a bowl of hot and fiery pepper soup may ignite your taste buds and enliven them once in a while but it comes with a taste of home for the Nigerians who are compelled to live in a far-off land for various reasons. Worse, you may just have to do with a bagful of potato crisps when your heart is yearning for the crunchy toasted coconut chips.

Why Olu Olu?

Olu Olu Foods has come to recognize the need for good and familiar food that makes the African Diaspora desperate for a hearty dish cooked in the conventional style too. True, not every dish of Nigerian origin can be sumptuous and delicious but it certainly keeps the memories alive. So, do not pine for the hearth that you left long ago, go out and hit the nearest Africa Food Store instead and look for the Olu Olu Brand. You are sure to come across the food and ingredients that you miss the most.

Be sure to buy enough to sustain you for a week before setting step into another store. Why don’t you buy plantain chips online instead? Keep munching as you run your eyes over the labels.

How to Buy Olu Olu Products?

You may come across a small packet containing the Olu Olu brand of coconut chips when out on a shopping spree. Do not be saddened by the small number of chips contained in it though. Look around for a bigger bag and you are likely to find it before long. Yes! You miss them and cannot do without the crunch and aromatic taste of the beautifully fried coconut crisps.

So go ahead and buy coconut chips online morning, noon or night for hunger pangs do not wait for the sunrise. No! Have no fear of putting on weight while munching on this compulsive snack item either. The dietary fiber within it will keep you full while its iron content will have you energized and raring to go.

Why be miserable and continue to miss your kind of food. Visit ASAP and pick up the food products that you fancy along with some red palm oil.

Create Magic With A Little Red Palm Oil

You definitely have to eat to live. But again, you have to cook to eat as well. True, you can make do with processed ‘ready to eat’ foods or simply order a meal from the nearest restaurant. Unfortunately, you will find no excuse to refrain from cooking eventually. So, get ready for cooking up a storm and have the ingredients along with the utensils ready at hand. Wait! Aren’t you forgetting the cooking medium? What will it be butter, vegetable oil or the tried and tested medium of red palm oil?

Reasons to Consider cooking with organic palm oil

Do check out the facts closely before taking the onerous decision of opting to buy palm oil, however. The first thing that will leap to the eye is the nature of the oil that does not break down or lose any of its nutritional values when heated to a high temperature.

The exceedingly high smoking point makes it most appropriate for not only frying meat and veggies but also for sautéing, and grilling. In fact, it outdoes the benefits of the much hyped olive oil in this particular aspect.

Be sure to buy red palm oil in a good quantity once you are convinced of its authenticity. Are you trying to stay off fried foods at the moment? No worries! The palm oil sourced from Olu Olu Foods will come in handy when you are intent baking sans butter or want to make a mayonnaise based salad dressing that will not cause your diet to go haywire.

Palm Oil Based Dishes to Try

You do not have to look far and near for the cooking oil of your choice either. Simply buy the unadulterated and authentic palm oil online courtesy Olu Olu Foods. You will be overjoyed to find your dishes turn out as delicious as the cookbook promoted it to be.

  • Try the palm oil meat stew from the interior of Nigeria and amaze your African friends
  • Go for the steamed halibut in broth by making use of the sustainable palm oil with zero additives
  • Fry up a host of Oyster Mushrooms with spices and entertain your pals on Saturday night
  • You are free to bake the sweet potatoes and serve them alongside soup especially when you are eager to keep count of the calories.

Image Source:-Sozcu

Having a limited amount of the oil will not suffice though. Prepare to buy bulk palm oil from Olu Olu Foods at affordable rates so that you have no reason to look elsewhere.

How Yummy Is Pounded Yam

You eat food in order to live! True, but why you should you not expect a lingering taste remaining behind while your digestive juices go to work after a meal? Sounds philosophical? Not at all! It is nothing but the truth that comes to the top of your mind once you savour the beautifully pounded yam brought to you from the deep reaches of Nigeria courtesy Olu Olu Foods.

Learning The Pounding Tactics

You would not want to fall on the yam in its natural form, exciting though it may sound. The early men might have done so but you know the art of cooking. However, the hours of gruelling work that one had to put in for preparing the pounded yam flour is a dying technique now thanks to the modern technology.

There are a number of devices including the age-old mortar and pestle for grinding it with food processors standing head and shoulders above the rest of the equipment when it concerns making the much favoured Nigerian pounded yam flour.

Finding The Best Solution

You will not be motivated enough to go ahead and source whole yam roots, clean it and pound it painstakingly ever again once you find what Olu Olu Foods has in store for you. Yes! You can buy pounded yam flour straight from the masters offering a range of exotic and ethnic African foods now. Why should you bother yourself with the primitive practices when it comes to you neatly packed without compromising on the taste or nutritive value?

No-Bother Cooking

Gear on to get a taste of the fantastic food by making yourself a big, wholesome plate of poundo, this Sunday. No issues! You are free to spend a good part of the morning in bed this time as you can whip up your bowl of delicacy in minutes. Just thanks your brain for having remembered to buy pounded yam from Olu Olu.


Sway to African music as you get busy mixing hot water to a cup of the pounded yam flour. Stir it briskly with a wooden spoon and build up a smooth lump of the right consistency. ENJOY!

Tips & Tricks of Making the most Yummy Pounded Yam Dish

When in Nigeria, you are certain to do as the Nigerians do but that is an understatement for sure. You do not actually have to travel all the way to Africa in order o be acquainted with the best of this ancient and exciting country. The world has shrunk into a global village of late with almost all things Nigerian being delivered right to your doorstep. You will not lack for the unique condiments and spices along with a host of different kinds of flours either thanks to Olu Olu Foods.

Pounded Yam Facts

What is it?

It is one of the staples in Nigeria and a number of African countries, commonly known as fufu. It resembles mashed potatoes but is actually heavier thereby making you feel fuller after a meal of yam that has been pounded with the aid of mortar.

How to eat it?

It constitutes a side dish and usually served alongside a traditional Nigerian soup such as egusi, the Ogbolo or edikaikong.

How to buy pounded yam?

buy pounded yam flour

You may be unable to get over the taste of pounded yam flour that enriches a number of dishes of Nigeria. Do not fret though! You can certainly get your money’s worth by checking the exotic food section in the super market or ask your friendly grocer to bring it to you. Do not leave your seat, if you are wary about having to go out in inclement weather. Go through online resources instead and simply order your supplies from the shores that specialize in Nigerian products.

How to make it?

A dish of pounded yam is sure to make dinner an invigorating experience. Unfortunately, the stress of preparing it from scratch is likely to take its toll on you. Pounding the yam with the help of a mortar and pestle is laborious and can leave the basic ingredient grainy and lumpy, if you are unable to perfect the technique. Ditch the age old way therefore and check out how to minimize the time and labor while obtaining the right consistency without any trouble.

  • Feel free to use the blender on boiled yam and convert it into a stretchy ball of dough within a short time.
  • Crush the yam with the assistance of a hand mixer until it becomes smooth and soft.
  • However, the best way to achieve amazing results would be to add hot water to a portion of Nigerian pounded yam flour and stir until it turns into an amazing ball of pounded yam.

Be sure to buy pounded yam flour from Olu Olu Foods for tasting the best pounded yam delicacy.

Making Crayfish-Is It Worth The Trouble?

Food is a great equalizer. You are sure to get bored of the same old dishes that have been served as the staple diet in your part of the world. No wonder, people have begun experimenting more freely than ever before. Think about the amazing varieties that you can obtain once you step into an exotic food shop or check the aisle for the ethnic delectables at the nearest supermarket.

Crayfish-What is it?

You would be surprised to find a strange crustacean depicted on the tins and labeled as crayfish food. Is it a shrimp or imply a kind of prawn? None! It happens to be a crayfish with the tin that you have been holding containing dried crayfish that is an essential ingredient of Nigerian cooking.

How to eat it?

The dried form of this tasty crustacean is usually used to season food and no Nigerian worth his salt can do without it. The very best soups and omnipresent Fufu from the country will not taste as delicious without a pinch of the dried and powdered shrimp-like fish either. Ditto for Concoction Rice, another great dish from this African nation that will make you lick your fingers at the end of a sumptuous meal.  The Nigerian populace makes use of their dry mills to pound the crayfish into a powder although it has been known to be added to Ugba & Abacha.

The nomenclature happens to be a trifle confusing though. However, you might find the dried form to be akin a small sized shrimp. If you happen to sift through a big mound of the fish, you will also find the crayfish to be tiny mostly with a few big ones tucked in between. Be careful about using only the smaller ones though for they will provide you the right sort of seasoning powder. Oporo, that is the bigger ones, are not a part of the dried crustaceans though and are often sold separately to be utilized in other dishes belonging to Nigerian cuisine.

Making crayfish edible: Nigerian Style!

Making it fit for eating will need attention to detail, however. So, go ahead and proceed only if you are totally convinced about your prowess in the kitchen. Feel free to buy frozen ones and make sure to defrost them thoroughly before popping them into the oven. Bake until golden brown and crisp but do not allow them to burn. Take them out of the rack and cool them before storing in air tight jars. Of course, you have to use a dry mill for powdering the ingredient before adding to enhance the taste of a Nigerian dish.

Do not trouble yourself exceedingly for drying though. You can get the best quality possible by deciding to buy crayfish online.

Olu Olu Foods Offers The Best Of Nigerian Beans

Nigerian beans are quite popular in the UK. Sure, the English heart yearns for them too now that you have experienced how amazing the humble lentil can be. No worries about having to wait until a friend gets a bag of the amazing brown beans back to you. Olu Olu has now made it possible for you to remain anywhere in the world and have your fill of honey beans UK too.

The variety of the available Nigerian beans from Olu Olu is sure to take the foodies by surprise. Fortunately, the beans can be incorporated into just about any dish in Nigeria, right from a thick stew of beans made with tomatoes, yam, and raw plantains to the delightful dishes enjoyed by the Yoruba tribe. It is not about travelling to the heart of Nigeria any more. Olu Olu has succeeded in making the beans come to you by the sheer dint of hard work that involves training the farmers to produce the best crops and bringing the nutritious legumes right to the doorstep of their customers.

The Western World has been overjoyed to taste the unique yet strange sweetness of the honey beans that originate in Africa. Although offbeat, this particular variety has piqued the curiosity of people so much that hardly a day goes by without Olu Olu receiving an order for the beans that they source. There is absolutely no way that an experiment of tasting the peeled beans from Olu Olu fails as the company takes total care of the harvesting process as well as the shipping.

Surprisingly, brown beans taste much better in traditional Nigerian dishes as opposed to the common breakfast dish of baked beans. No wonder the populace of England has found it much more exciting to step into a gourmet food store or just go online and click on the ‘order’ button for obtaining the super tasty and super healthy Nigerian beans. Olu Olu understands the stellar role that the honey beans play when comes to the daily diet of a Nigerian and is only too pleased to pass on the same experience to the others living half a world away.

There is no arguing with its nutritional value either. They are known to contain a good amount of protein and carbohydrate along with almost all the important minerals required by a human being. Be sure to have your fill of the delicious brown beans. You are welcome to have it as a standalone dish or cook it up as an alternative to the meat dish for dinner. Trust Olu Olu to provide you with the greatest product, you will certainly not be disappointed, that’s a promise!