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Olu Olu® prides itself on producing the best plantain chips, with the perfect taste and hearty crunch. We have taken the nutritious plantain vegetable and created the crispiest, tastiest and most alluring snack to hit shop shelves in a long time. The sheer freshness and authentic flavours of our Plantain Chips has made it arguably one of the most sought after in Europe and Africa.

  • Nutrition

    100% Natural – Nothing Artificial
    Vegan & Vegetarian Approved
    Gluten Free
    No added Sugar – Naturally Sweet
    Free of Artificial Colour or Flavourings

  • Ingredients

    Plantain and Vegetable Oil

  • Serving Suggestion

    Great to snack on straight out the pack, and they also work well with a variety of dips and sauces.

    Add toppings of your choice to make your perfect canapé, appetizer or entrée.

    Add chips to soup, salad or sandwich for flavour and crunch

    Great for pairing with sparkling beverages like Wine, Beer, Ciders and Cocktails.

  • Available Sizes