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Palmi (Palm Wine)


Olu Olu® Palmi is a sweet, slightly sparkling drink that's produced from the sap (juice) of tropical Palm Tree’s. This tasty beverage has a low alcoholic content - due to the presence of natural wild yeasts. Our Palmi is a functional beverage with relatively high levels of pro-biotic content, thiamine and vitamin B12. It’s a nourishing, tasty beverage that can be used to revitalize the body and mind.

  • Nutrition

    High Nutritional Value
    Caffeine Free
    Good Source of Energy
    Palliative for High Blood Pressure
    High Yeast Content – aids eyesight

  • Ingredients

    Sap of palm tree, Citric Acid (E330)

  • Serving Suggestion

    Great to drink on its own when chilled. Our Palmi can be used as a mixer or to make cocktails.

  • Available Sizes