Reasons To Buy Plantain Chips From Olu Olu Foods

Jun 03, 2023Karen Lee

Watching your favourite game avidly on the telly and reaching out for the crunchy potato chips is commonplace. Yet, you do cringe on realizing the empty calories that you have been putting on inadvertently. Why should you do injustice to your body when you can have your cake, oops, chips and eat it too?

Plantain Chips close up

You do not have to look far and wide for finding a scrumptious alternative though. Simply grab a pack of Olu Olu’s satisfying green plantain chips and you would be astounded to get good health, nutrition and taste rolled into one. Why should you actually go for the addictive chips made out of the starchy plantain instead of sticking to the potato chips that are available widely? Isn’t plantain as good or bad as the humble potato? Do not spend anxious moments trying to find the answers. Read on to understand why you need to switch to the yellow plantain chips and shun the greasy tubers for good.

How nutritious are plantain chips?

Sure, they come full of carbs yet the plantain chips are considered to be a trifle healthier than the ones made out of the potato. The plantain is less fatty than the tubers while containing a small number of proteins as well.

You also get a chance to better your eyesight courtesy the abundance of Vitamin A within the satisfying chips and your immunity gets a big boost thanks to the Vitamin C lurking within the tasty plantain chips, both yellow and green.

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