Corn & Cassava Muffins featured
How to make Corn & Cassava Muffins with Olu Olu cassava flour
Nigerian Beef Suya
How to make Nigerian Beef Suya
Cheese Bread Burgers
How to make Cheese Bread Burgers with Olu Olu cassava flour
Bean Tart with Cherry Tomatoes & Peppers
OluOlu Foods X Lerato Foods Valentines Recipe Collaboration - Make a statement with this delicious steam baked tart inspired by moin moin
Crispy Rice Balls with Groundnut Stew and Roasted Chicken
A sumptuous recipe with homemade peanut butter and crispy rice balls using the traditional Nigerian ofada rice and plantain flour.
Native Jollof Rice (Iwuk Edesi)
Native Jollof Rice, also known as Iwuk Edesi by Erik people or Palm Oil rice is a rich Jollof rice style rice dish. Considered solo food in certain parts of Nigeria.
Moin Moin Yuk Sung
How to make Moin Moin Yuk Sung
Cassava Flour Churros
How to make Churros with Olu Olu Cassava Flour
Chocolate Pots with Salted Caramel & Plantain Crisps
This valentine’s enjoy the most luxurious, impressive, yet easy dessert, with varying layers of rich chocolate, salted caramel with date syrup and a surprise crunch from the sweet plantains.