Cassava Fufu Flour


Olu Olu® Cassava Fufu Flour offers premium quality, rich authentic flavour and a fine texture that's unrivalled on the market. The cassavas, which are grown across Nigeria, are peeled, washed, cut into pieces and then left to soak in spring water for a few days before sun drying. This results in sun-ripened, nutrient rich cassavas that are fermented and milled into fine flour.

  • Nutrition

    Vegetarian & Vegan
    Diabetes Suitable
    High Energy Food
    Gluten Free
    Calorie Dense
    Low Fat
    Low Sugar
    High Nutritive Value
    Rich in Minerals
    Rich in fiber
    Helps Cholesterol Levels

  • Ingredients


  • Serving Suggestion

    Eat as ‘Dough’ with: Curry, Stew, Sauce, Bolognese Sauce or Gravy Use to make Fresh Spaghetti Noodles (alternative to wheat noodles). Place cooked dough balls in Soup or Curry of your choice for a filling meal. You can also use Fufu Flour to produce the following:

    Baking & Pastry
    Thickening of Cream Soups
    Thickening of Stews or Sauces
    Prevents Breads & Cakes from Crumbling

  • Available Sizes

    600g / 1.2kg