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Ofada Rice


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Ofada Rice is highly sought-after, aromatic brown rice with a unique flavour and taste. It is traditionally used in preparation of simple rice and stew dishes, puddings, risotto and paella to name a few. Olu Olu® Ofada Rice is a type of short grained brown rice which is mostly unpolished and unrefined with part of the bran still intact. It is a specialty exotic rice grown across the planes of Nigeria.

  • Nutrition

    Vegetarian & Vegan
    Good Source of Energy
    Reduces cholesterol
    Heart Healthy
    Healthier alternative to white rice
    Anti-inflammatory properties

  • Ingredients

    Rice Grains

  • Serving Suggestion

    Our Ofada Rice can be used as a substitute to regular white rice, and it can also be used to prepare the following:

    General Rice Dishes

  • Available Sizes

    1kg / 4kg