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Original Gari Granules


Olu Olu® Gari is roasted cassava granules made from organic (non-GMO) cassava, grown across Ghana and Nigeria. The cassavas are peeled and processed by hand, then sun-dried for that sweet sun-ripened taste; before being milled into grits and finally roasted on an open fire to give it a crispy crunch and deep flavour profile. There are no added preservatives or flavourings.

  • Nutrition

    Vegetarian & Vegan
    High Energy Food
    Calorie Dense
    Low Fat
    Low Sugar
    High Nutritive Value
    Rich in Minerals
    Rich in fibre
    Helps Cholesterol Levels
    Helps Constipation

  • Ingredients


  • Serving Suggestion

    Gari can be eaten as ‘Dough’ with Curry, Stew, Sauce, Bolognese Sauce or Gravy. Some people also place cooked dough balls in Soups and Curries for a filling meal…
    Otherwise you can use Gari Granules to produce the following:

    Stuffing for Poultry etc
    Breaded Fish, Chicken or Shrimps
    Salad Garnishing
    Scotch Egg
    Pasta Bake Topping
    Shepherds Pie Topping
    Crème Brule Topping
    Brazilian Farofa
    Thickening of Cream Soups
    Eba (Nigerian Cuisine)

  • Available Sizes

    600g / 1kg / 4kg