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Plantain Flour


  • Nutrition

    Vegetarian & Vegan
    High Energy Food
    Good for Cholesterol related Ailments
    Calorie Dense
    Low Fat
    Low Sugar
    High Nutritive Value
    High dietary fibre
    Helps reduce Constipation
    Enhances the Respiratory System
    Improves the Digestive System

  • Ingredients

    Green Plantain

  • Serving Suggestion

    Eat as ‘Dough’ with: Curry, Stew, Sauce, Bolognese Sauce or Gravy Use to make Fresh Spaghetti Noodles (alternative to wheat noodles). Place cooked dough balls in Soup or Curry of your choice for a filling meal. You can also use Plantain Flour to produce the following:

    Onion Bhajjis
    Baking & Pastry
    Thickening of Cream Soups
    Thickening of Stews or Sauces

  • Available Sizes

    500g / 1kg