These instructions apply to all our flour products and will aid you in preparing the best ‘Fufu’ Dough.

1.  Boil 2 cups of Water, then let it simmer on stove

2.  Add 1½ cups Poundo Iyan flour to pot & Stir constantly to ensure no lumps.

3.  As you stir, dough will form. Add more flour or water depending on desired texture and consistency

4.  Immediately start to stir and use your wooden spoon to knead/ pound the mix again

5.  Continue to do so for approx. 2-4mins until a smooth dough is formed

6.  Then add another 10ml of water the pot and reduce heat to lowest. Leave dough to simmer for approx. 2mins

7.  Then remove mix from pot and leave to chill on plate for 1min, before serving with sauce of choice.

Whilst adding Flour to water:

You may also add:

1.    Milk
2.    Salt
3.    Sugar
4.    Cinnamon
5.    Nutmeg
6.    All Purpose Seasoning
7.    Cocoa or Coffee Powder
8.    Oregano
9.    Cheese
10.  Crushed Nuts
11.   Sweet corn
12.   Diced Carrots
13.   Pomegranates
14.   Pesto
15.   Saffron
16.   Hot Sauce