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Aside from traditional uses, Olu Olu flours are proving very popular as an alternative to wheat flour. None of our flour products are genetically modified, contain no added sugar, are diary-free and are suitable for vegetarians and coeliac patients.


Our beans and rice offerings are of premium quality, produced from only the finest grains, grown across the landscape of Asia and West-Africa. Our produce is rigorously cleaned, peeled and dried to perfection prior to packaging. Both our beans and rice is favoured for their firmness, natural flavour and smooth texture when cooked.


Our oils contain no added colouring or chemicals; and don't go through any oil extraction process which requires hydrogenation - unlike many other cooking oils - this ensures the natural nutrients and colour are retained and the oil is free from harmful 'trans fatty acid' or 'trans fat'.


Here we offer you our exciting new drink... Palmi! Palmi is produced using solely the natural juices produced from tropical palm trees and the addition of citric acid. Palm Wine is common in Asia and Africa and goes by several names such as Emu, Nsamba, Kallu, Tuak or Tuba to name a few.


Olu Olu made its foray into the snack market, with the introduction of our plantain chips, determined to take the little known delicacy mainstream. We have since taken the nutritious sweet potato vegetable and the tasty coconut fruit, and created the lightest, crispiest and most alluring snacks to hit shop shelves in a long time.


With our spice and condiments range, we offer tropical rarities, super-tasty and cunningly spicy condiments and spices, that are usually only available in the tropical regions of the world. Our special blends of some of the rarest and most exotic spices West-Africa has to offer, is traditionally used in preparation of Soups or used as spice rub, seasoning, garnish, marinade or for coating.


All the products within our Coconut Range are used in a variety of new, innovative and quirky ways to create exciting new recipes. All our coconut products are 100% diary-free and are suitable for vegetarians and coeliac patients. None of our coconut products are genetically modified.