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Plantain Chips from Olu Olu Foods

“Spicy, Crispy, Crunchy, Salty, Sweet or Savoury… Olu Olu Plantain chips are just what you want in a snack” With the introduction of our plantain chips, Olu Olu made its foray into the gourmet snack food market, determined to take the little known delicacy mainstream. Relegated to the “international foods” aisle in supermarkets, many are… Read more »

Gluten Free, Beneficial African Products Courtesy OluOlu Foods

Health is Wealth! We, at OluOlu, have reiterated the need for supplying nutritious and wholesome food products to our clients for ages. Indeed, the market for exotic food has grown tremendously in the last few years while OluOlu has maintained its hold over its customers who refuse to shop for their favorite items elsewhere. The… Read more »

Olu Olu Foods Offers The Best Of Nigerian Beans

Nigerian beans are quite popular in the UK. Sure, the English heart yearns for them too now that you have experienced how amazing the humble lentil can be. No worries about having to wait until a friend gets a bag of the amazing brown beans back to you. Olu Olu has now made it possible… Read more »

Making Crayfish-Is It Worth The Trouble?

Food is a great equalizer. You are sure to get bored of the same old dishes that have been served as the staple diet in your part of the world. No wonder, people have begun experimenting more freely than ever before. Think about the amazing varieties that you can obtain once you step into an… Read more »

Tips & Tricks of Making the most Yummy Pounded Yam Dish

When in Nigeria, you are certain to do as the Nigerians do but that is an understatement for sure. You do not actually have to travel all the way to Africa in order o be acquainted with the best of this ancient and exciting country. The world has shrunk into a global village of late… Read more »

How Yummy Is Pounded Yam

You eat food in order to live! True, but why you should you not expect a lingering taste remaining behind while your digestive juices go to work after a meal? Sounds philosophical? Not at all! It is nothing but the truth that comes to the top of your mind once you savour the beautifully pounded… Read more »

Create Magic With A Little Red Palm Oil

You definitely have to eat to live. But again, you have to cook to eat as well. True, you can make do with processed ‘ready to eat’ foods or simply order a meal from the nearest restaurant. Unfortunately, you will find no excuse to refrain from cooking eventually. So, get ready for cooking up a… Read more »

Keep The Memories Burning Bright With Olu Olu Foods Products

The UK is a country that has become multicultural with a vengeance thanks to its ever-expanding population of migrants. It is no wonder to find Chinese, African, Indian, Arabs and Nordics crowd together, searching the exotic food section in the ethnic food stores. Sure, having a bowl of hot and fiery pepper soup may ignite… Read more »

Stay Healthy By Using Red Palm Oil From Olu Olu

You eat to live but you also have to cook to eat well. True, you can opt to eat out every now and then but doing it every single day of your life will not only affect your finances adversely but will also take a toll on your health. You would definitely have to rely… Read more »

Reasons To Buy Plantain & Coconut Chips From Olu Olu Foods

Watching your favorite game avidly on the telly and reaching out for the crunchy potato chips is commonplace. Yet, you do cringe on realizing the empty calories that you have been putting on inadvertently. Why should you do injustice to your body when you can have your cake, oops, chips and eat it too? You… Read more »

The Panache Of Nigerian Palm Wine

You have tasted almost every drink available across UK and pride yourself as being something of a wine connoisseur. Sure, the beautiful wines and varies of champagne has you all excited and agog about tasting the best that the land has to offer. Yet, you are likely to get a kick out of the relatively… Read more »

The Complete List and Benefits of Carrier Oils

Carrier oils contain a range of beneficial components including vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and other fat-soluble vitamins. They can be used for a variety of different reasons and can help with hydration, collagen production, skin tone, soothing irritated skin and repairing sun damage. The type of carrier oil you choose will depend on what your… Read more »