Olu Olu Foods

Banana Powder

Our banana powder is made from ripened yellow bananas and green bananas. The bananas are washed, and hand peeled. They are then steamed, mashed, dehydrated, and ground into this fine powder. Throughout this process the bananas are kept below 32°C, to keep the rich nutrients and minerals. This powder contains no other ingredients except bananas making it an ideal addition to your healthy lifestyle.

Energy, 1510 kJ / 355 kcal (17% daily intake)
Fat, 0.4g (0.4%)
- of which: Saturates, 0.1g (0%)
Carbohydrate, 82g (33%)
- of which: Sugars, 68g (100%)
Fibre, 7.1g (26%)
Protein, 4g (8%)
Salt, 0.03g (0%)

INGREDIENTS: Ripe & Unripe Banana


Perfect for yoghurt, energy bar, homemade, ice cream, baking, cereals, porridge, smoothies, shakes, or anything else that would require a great banana flavour and aroma or just some natural sweetness.  Often used in place of sugar where the sweet taste is replaced with natural banana flavour. A favourite for blending with our protein powders to create all natural banana flavoured protein shakes.


  • PUDDING: add to your pudding mix for extra flavour
  • BABY FOOD: add to baby food / formula mix for extra nutrition
  • DESERT: add to any desert for that sweet banana taste
  • SOUP: add to your soup for a thicker and heartier broth


  • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED: Banana powder is extremely concentrated as bananas naturally contain 74% water. This means that just 10g of banana powder is the equivalent of 38.5 grams of fresh banana!
  • WHEN BAKING: When it comes to baking, try replacing 25%-50% regular flour with banana powder for a nutrient-rich bake.
  • RESISTANT STARCH: This product is high in resistant starch, but this starch is reduced when cooking so if using banana powder for resistant starch we recommend avoiding cooking with this product. However, if you are using it to replace regular wheat flour, it doesn’t matter — cooked or raw will do the trick.