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Ofada Rice

Ofada rice is an aromatic rice with a unique flavour and taste. It has a pungent smell which is derived from its washing and fermentation process. It is traditionally used to be prepare simple rice and stew dishes; puddings, risottos, and paella, to name a few. It is grown under Fairtrade conditions in Nigeria. Go ahead and try something different, experiment with this delicious novel grain.


Energy, 1444 kJ / 345 kcal (17.2% daily intake)
Fat, 0.2g (0.3%)
- of which: Saturates, 0g (0%)
Carbohydrate, 80g (31%)
- of which: Sugars, 0.4g (0.4%)
Fibre, 0.3g (1%)
Protein, 6.2g (12.4%)
Salt, 0g (0%)



Please wash this rice with cold water several times, or until the water is clear, as it will contain traces of natural debris. Then place rice in a small pot and add enough water to cover the rice. Parboil for 10 minutes then place rice into a clean bowl. Rinse rice a few more times and place back in the pot. Add salt to taste, and clean water, then boil till the rice softens. Drain excess water if any, and serve with stew, broth or sauce of your choice.


  • PUDDING: add cooked rice to your pudding mix for added nutrition 
  • SUSHI: use cooked rice to make Sushi or Rice ball dishes
  • DESERT: use to make a Thai desert called sticky rice and mango 
  • SOUP: add cooked rice to your soup for a thicker and heartier broth


  • RICH IN MINERALS: Ofada rice is a good source of essential minerals such as phosphorus, zinc and folate, which give you energy and nurture your bones. 
  • DIETARY FIBER: this rice is high in dietary fiber and aids in digestion, as well as helps reduce likelihood of constipation.
  • HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS: White rice typically has no antioxidant capacity, but Ofada rice contains 20 - 30 times more antioxidants.
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: It is a low-calorie and gluten-free food, Ofada rice can help those who are attempting to lose weight and prevent obesity.