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Create Magic With A Little Red Palm Oil

You definitely have to eat to live. But again, you have to cook to eat as well. True, you can make do with processed ‘ready to eat’ foods or simply order a meal from the nearest restaurant. Unfortunately, you will find no excuse to refrain from cooking eventually. So, get ready for cooking up a storm and have the ingredients along with the utensils ready at hand. Wait! Aren’t you forgetting the cooking medium? What will it be butter, vegetable oil or the tried and tested medium of red palm oil?

Reasons to Consider cooking with organic palm oil

Do check out the facts closely before taking the onerous decision of opting to buy palm oil, however. The first thing that will leap to the eye is the nature of the oil that does not break down or lose any of its nutritional values when heated to a high temperature.

The exceedingly high smoking point makes it most appropriate for not only frying meat and veggies but also for sautéing, and grilling. In fact, it outdoes the benefits of the much hyped olive oil in this particular aspect.

Be sure to buy red palm oil in a good quantity once you are convinced of its authenticity. Are you trying to stay off fried foods at the moment? No worries! The palm oil sourced from Olu Olu Foods will come in handy when you are intent baking sans butter or want to make a mayonnaise based salad dressing that will not cause your diet to go haywire.

Palm Oil Based Dishes to Try

You do not have to look far and near for the cooking oil of your choice either. Simply buy the unadulterated and authentic palm oil online courtesy Olu Olu Foods. You will be overjoyed to find your dishes turn out as delicious as the cookbook promoted it to be.

  • Try the palm oil meat stew from the interior of Nigeria and amaze your African friends
  • Go for the steamed halibut in broth by making use of the sustainable palm oil with zero additives
  • Fry up a host of Oyster Mushrooms with spices and entertain your pals on Saturday night
  • You are free to bake the sweet potatoes and serve them alongside soup especially when you are eager to keep count of the calories.

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Having a limited amount of the oil will not suffice though. Prepare to buy bulk palm oil from Olu Olu Foods at affordable rates so that you have no reason to look elsewhere.

The Panache Of Nigerian Palm Wine

You have tasted almost every drink available across UK and pride yourself as being something of a wine connoisseur. Sure, the beautiful wines and varies of champagne has you all excited and agog about tasting the best that the land has to offer. Yet, you are likely to get a kick out of the relatively unknown but exceedingly refreshing Nigerian palm wine.

What is Palm Wine?

Your mind begins to brim with curiosity while your brain yearns to discover the truth. No issues though! You can get the answers readily by visiting the exotic African stores specializing in bringing genuine products to your doorstep. The wine happens to be a sparkling beverage sourced from the sap of the tropical palm trees indigenous to Africa and Asia. It looks akin to champagne without sans the froth. Yet, it can rejuvenate the body and cheer up the mind.

Surprisingly, it is low in alcoholic content and will not have you dead drunk unlike whiskey and other spirits that result in a devastating hangover the day after. You would also be intrigued to know that you can buy palm wine online in a beautiful bottle that comes with an attractive stopper. You do not have to think twice about purchasing this wonderful beverage in bulk either for the contained yeast and probiotic properties make it beneficial for health as well.

Benefits of Palm Wine

Seems unbelievable? You are welcome to research and discover the truth about how drinking this wine in moderation can help you to feel on top of the world. Here are a few pointers. Do take a look…

  • A glass or two of Nigerian palm wine can keep cancer away.
  • It will increase your visual acuity.
  • You will find your skin becoming smooth while your hair grows perfectly as your nails fail to bother you with their brittleness.
  • You are sure to decrease the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases as well. This astounding fact has been proved conclusively by a study conducted by Lindberg and Ezra back in 2008.

The Best Source of Nigerian Products in the UK

So, go ahead and look for the best exotic stores that cater to the African community living in the UK and you are sure to find hundreds of products that warrant your attention. Check out the availability of red palm oil online as it happens to be cooking medium par excellence too.

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